Eye-Conic New York T-Shirt

Halloween unofficially kicks off the stacked holiday-season-party schedule and any Gotham girl knows that means effortlessly moving from the office to out on the town faster than a New York minute on a daily basis. How to master this tricky transformation? 


Mirrored Times T-Shirt

Congrats, if you work in the fashion or creative industry. It’s pretty much bible that you show up to the office in full costume and character starting at least a week in advance. The wilder and more unique the getup, the more on-the-job credibility is established. Hitting up happy hour? No prob. You’ve been rocking out as a witch since 9 am. 


Once Upon A City T-Shirt 

If you work in a more traditional setting where suits and pantyhose reign supreme, chances are they won’t appreciate those bunny ears in the board room. However, a simple work appropriate black or grey shift dress is essentially a blank slate for all sorts of spooky incarnations. Leave the reading material at home and load up that trusty tote of yours with cat ears, a tail, perhaps some Dracula fangs and a makeup kit with everything needed to conjure up a creepy look in the bathroom. Eyeliner is key for drawing just about anything on your face.


Light The Night T-Shirt

If you’re super no frills and you would rather be dead than play dress up, the easiest road to fright night is finding a graphic tee that embodies the idea of a costume. Let’s face it, sometimes all the effort that needs to happen after work is holding a martini glass. Totally get it. Statement tees have had a major fashion moment as of late and with a quick Google search you can find one that fits your personality or whatever else you want to be – no crazy disguises necessary.

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