Tees the Season for the GIFT GUIDE

Oh what fun it is to holiday shop, party hop & gift your gals a lot! image La Femme in the Gift Guide Ahhh yes, the gifting season is upon us and amid the fury of champagne toasting, racking up receipts, eating a few too many treats, and balancing a work/play ratio that’s dangerously tipping towards the latter, the energy to brainstorm and locate that perfectly personal present is edged out quickly. It’s all about operating in the most streamlined way possible to simply survive the NYC holiday crush! image Boy-Meets-Girl in the Gift Guide We launched our Gift Guide to assist in day-to-day present decision making so you can move swiftly from to-do task list to ta-da party time and have all your gifting covered. With all the style types covered, it’s super easy to pick a tee that mixes seamlessly into your tomboyish BFF, street-style-star sis or ultra-chic boss’ wardrobe. Tees are a major fashion must-have at the moment and they make fab gifts in just a New York minute!

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