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Signe Savant, our fave jetset friend, spends most of her free time bouncing from European country to European country while chronicling her stylish journeys on her blog The Daily Savant. Currently living in Germany, she indulges us on all the delicious aspects of the Deutschland holiday season as well as the best party city to ring in the New Year!  image Mirrored Times tee What is your fave thing about the holiday season? My favorite part of the holiday season is the fact that if I want to eat seven cupcakes at a party and spend the following day laying around in my PJs while reading, knitting and stuffing my face even further, I can do so without any reproach from anyone!  Everyone else is doing the same sort of things! image Living in Germany, are there any fun German holiday traditions that differ from the States? Any fun holiday diversions that are a must-do in your current city? In Germany, the holidays are all about markets. There are Christmas markets all over the place just about every weekend. The markets have rides, games, concerts, booths for shopping, but my favorite bit of the markets is the food.  I’m a sucker for street food, so the ability to attain copious quantities of bratwurst, fried potatoes and crepes from food stands in magical settings is right up my alley.  A tradition at these markets is also to either get hot cocoa or gluvine (hot spiced wine), but when you order a drink, you pay a small deposit for the mug it comes in. Then, you can keep the mug or return it to get your money back. We’ve amassed quite the collection of mugs in the last year. We actually picked up a new one last weekend and will be getting at least one more from a market this weekend. image Your travels take you all over Europe.  Do you have any recommendations of cities that would be best to visit over the holidays? I spent Christmas in Paris once and it was definitely a magical affair. Prague. Hands down. Two years ago, we spent New Year’s Eve in Prague and no NYE will ever be the same. The city is amazing on it’s own, but it was still hosting a large Christmas market and there was a giant tree in the center of the square. Before midnight, people were shooting fireworks off right in the middle of the square (and right at the 600-year-old astronomical clock) with the police standing by, but doing nothing to intervene. Because we know that public transportation can be a hassle, especially on a night of imbibing, we picked up a bottle of champagne and a bottle of absinthe (which is legal there) and headed back to our hotel room. We were on the top floor and had a huge balcony and a view of the whole city. I have never seen so many fireworks at one time. They completely covered the horizon! image Do you have a go-to holiday gift that’s always a pleaser?  I’m going to be totally boring on this one and say that cash is the only 100% all-time, all-around pleaser. However, I do quite a bit of knitting and crochet, so if I’m bad and don’t get my shopping done or don’t have a ton of extra cash laying around, I will always give a scarf/hat/gloves/headband combination of some sort. There’s something about a homemade gift that seems to make people happy. The holidays are all about dressing the part. What would be your ultimate outfit for the ultimate party? Marie Antoinette’s wedding gown!  But seriously, anything with sparkle, fun jewelry, and faux fur gets my vote for this holiday season.  I have a couple of sequined dresses in the mail and I seriously cannot wait until they arrive! If you could have one holiday wish for the world, what would it be?  I wish that the people of the world could learn to be kind and get along.  I also wish that no one in the world would have to go hungry.

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