DIY Decor: High-Shine Holiday Ornaments


The holidays are officially under way and in the full swing of soirées, shopping, travel planning and cramming work-wise, décor is sometimes the last on the list for most of us (especially if you’re not a die-hard DIYer). Whether or not you’re crafty, these super-quick holiday balls are easy to execute in minutes and add instant cheer without infringing on the gifting budget.  So, on your next night in, grab the below items and you’ll have enough holiday balls to bedeck your apartment before even finishing that Sex and the City rerun. Things You Need:

1. Clear plastic ball ornaments with removable tops in various sizes.

2. Colored tinsel of your choice.

3. Colored sequins of your choice.

4. Decorative garland of your choice.

5. Scissors.


1. Remove the tops from all of the ornaments.

2. Pick the various sizes of balls for each type of tinsel, sequins and garland.

3. Pour in sequins through the holes. Adjust amount as you wish.

4. Stuff in tinsel through the holes. Adjust amount as you wish .

5. Stuff in garland through the holes. Cut down to size and adjust amount as you wish.

6. Experiment with mixing tinsel, sequins and garland as well as mixing colors.

7. Ta da! Your apartment is decorated. Now sit back, relax and treat yourself to a glass of wine.

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