Oh What Fun It Is To DIY: High-Shine Gift Wrapping

image If you’re anything like us, traditional holiday colors are a little, well, too traditional for elevated taste. And this could not apply more to gifting. A fab gift requires an equally fab package and the wrapping should reflect that. However, if you’re also anything like us, who has the time and money to spend on elaborate wrapping?! Have no fear, these quick DIYs utilizes inexpensive materials in an artful yet accessible manner (ie: you don’t have to be a super crafter) to create a chic collection of presents that truly shine with style! image Things You Need:  1. Craft paper 2. Metallic foil tissue 3. Black tissue 4. Black-and-white craft yarn 5. Sharp scissors 6. Glue gun image image image Bow-Tie Box:  1. Wrap your box in craft paper. 2. Cut metallic foil tissue into strips that match the length of your box. First cut into a rectangle and then cut that rectangle into strips with sharp scissors. 3. Cut a rectangle of layered black tissue that matches the size of the rectangle of metallic foil. Scrunch it in the middle to create a bow shape. 4. Layer metallic foil strips onto tissue bow and secure with a piece of craft yarn. 5. Wrap your present with craft yarn securing the bow in the middle. image image Pom Pom:  1. Wrap your box in craft paper. 2. Cut rectangle of black tissue and metallic foil to fit size of box. Layer them together alternating the black and foil tissue. 3. Beginning at opposite ends, cut strips mirroring each other into the rectangle but do not cut all the way through. 4. Scrunch the middle together and secure with a piece of craft yarn. 5. Fluff out the strips in various directions to create a pom pom. 6. Wrap craft yarn around the box and glue gun the pom pom in the center. image image Fringe Stripe:  1. Cut out a rectangle of black tissue to match the length of your box. 2. Cut a zigzag border on one side of the length of the rectangle. 3. Cut strips into the width of the tissue rectangle to create a fringe. Do not cut all the way through to the end. 4. Tape black tissue fringe onto the box along the side that’s not cut through. 5. Cut a strip of metallic foil to the size of your liking and tape that to the top of the fringe. 6. Cut a piece of the craft yarn the length of the box and tape that onto the metallic foil strip at each end. And there you have it! Three easy yet elevated, modern ways to gift with style.

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