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We caught up with fashion blogger Megan Zietz from TFDiaries.com between holiday party hopping and her recent trip to New Orleans to find out how to deal with the celebratory season in New York City. image Image via TFDiaries.com, Street People Atelier tee  image Image via @meganzietz  1. What is your fave thing about the holiday season? Gosh, I’d have to say the food and all of the festivities. image Mrs. Claus Cookie cocktail via @meganzietz  2. Living in NYC, what is your holiday must-do in the city? Do you have an event or an activity that’s a tradition every season?  Ice skating. I’m obsessed. I know it’s a little touristy at Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park but I can never resist grabbing some hot cocoa and heading to the rink. 3. Are you a DIY over-decorator or minimalist merry-maker?  Totally minimalist. We’re actually in the middle of redecorating our apartment so we bought a tiny tree and then we realized we could have gone much bigger after everything was out. Oops. image Minimalist merry making in New Orleans via @meganzietz  4. Do you have any secrets on how to balance the NYC holiday crush: crazy work schedule, shopping (with tons of tourists), parties every night, etc?  I’ve been trying to do my holiday shopping online and even keep myself in Queens to steer clear from the tourists. I limit parties to a couple a week and as far as work goes,  I’ll get back to you on that. image It’s all about the food. Beignet breakfast via @meganzietz  5. The holidays are all about dressing the part. What would be your ultimate outfit for the ultimate party? Hmmm, I’d really love to wear a gown to an extravagant party but so far, we’ve been keeping it casual and cocktail attire. 6. If you could have one holiday wish for the world, what would it be? That’s a toughie. I’d have to say peace and equality.

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