Oh What Fun It Is To DIY: NYE Nail Art

image New Year’s Eve is basically THE holiday to do it up over the top with sparkle. And it all starts with the nail polish. Give glitter a modern twist with this NYE nail art DIY that mixes both sleek, minimalist black with a pop of glitzy gold — perfect for a cool, chic take on soiree shimmer! image Things You Need:  1. Black nail polish 2. Large gold-glitter nail polish 3. Small gold-glitter nail polish 4. Top coat & base coat Steps:  1. Paint on your base coat and let dry. 2. Paint on two layers of black nail polish skipping the ring fingers. Let dry. 3. Paint on two layers of small gold-glitter nail polish on the ring fingers. Let dry. 4. Take the edge of the small gold-glitter nail polish brush and paint a thin line of gold glitter along the ends of the black nails. Let dry. 5. Paint on large gold-glitter nail polish on ring fingers for extra sparkle! 6. Paint on a layer of top coat to seal in the black and glitter for party time. Now, go ahead and sip copious amounts of champagne because your nails will look amaze while doing it! Happy New Year!

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