Green with Envy Nail Art


We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day Right? Well at least your nails can be.

The team at Street People Atelier has put together an easy tutorial to be sure people will be green with envy over your nails this St. Patty’s holiday. Things you need: 1. Festive Shamrock green color nail polish 2. Glittering gold color nail polish 3. Dark emerald green nail polish 4. Clear top coat and base coat Steps: 1. Paint on your base coat and let dry 2. Paint your pointer fingers, middle fingers and thumbs with one coat of shamrock green (We like to alternate colors on the nails for a creative look – fee free to juggle the order as you wish) 3. Paint your pointer fingers with dark emerald 4. Paint your ring fingers with gold Let dry and repeat. 5. Paint clear coat on to protect Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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