Usual With An Unusual Twist

Statements come and go, but staples are forever. 



The main reason why I love simplicity. Graceful as it is, it is still bold -- making a brighter statement than any pearl I've seen on the market. Versatile and soft, it never fails to bend, dance, break and fold for me thousands of times. My favorite about staples like the tee's from Street People Atelier,  is that it compliments and never competes with my character. The Tee and I are one. What I lack, she has and in many ways, she inspires my creativity.

What you do with the staple tee is a reflection of your creativity and character. Get creative and make it yours.

Find the strangest of things beautiful . Never let the ordinary impress you. Pick up a taste for the unusual, that way you may be able to give the usual a special twist. Don't settle for flawless, expand yourself, get scarred and worn in. Let Street People Atelier express for you as you wear your character and originality right on its sleeve.

As I did mine.

In collaboration with Street People Atelier.

Jeanne wears  [ Street People Atelier Mirrored Times Tee, Calvin Klein Denim Series High Waisted PantsAdidas Originals Superstar Highs]

Jeanne wears  [ Sorry I'm From New York TeeLULUS Simple Ivory button up crop]

Photographed by Denisse Benitez

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